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    Both singing and instrumental skills will be covered, and we emphasize how individuals must collaborate to weave together their sounds.

    We have a bunch of instruments for practicing on, but you can bring your own. Try out our Peavey fretless bass, our Hohner melodica, our synthesizers, our euro accordion, our baby grand.

    Children will always love songs. Older folks, too, are songwriters and song-lovers. Songwriting skills to be taught include form, melody, lyrics, arrangement, harmony, improvisation, and the reading and writing of music notation.


 For older audiences, we emphasize more traditional and melodic musical forms, while younger students may want to master forms that have more groove and rhythm.

    Recording will also be taught, using computer-based sequencing and mixing software. Once musical performances are mastered, students will be taught to put it out on CDs and on the internet.

    Open mic events will be organized where musicians, bands and songwriters can perform their works to friends and strangers.

Scrambled Jam

Musicians and singers will get together at WMW to jam on whatever favorite music they’re learning - old covers, or new compositions.

To start out, the jam sessions will take place on Saturday afternoons, beginning at 3 pm and continuing until fingers bleed.

We need volunteers to be coordinators for this event, selecting songs, directing the flow and mentoring the inexperienced.

Two ongoing WMW musical events

Songwriters’ Cabal

This is a popular suggestion from those people we have talked to in the community. Lots of folks are writing lots of songs in lots of genres. They could be listening to each other for ideas, methods and constructive feedback. Topics will include lyrics, melodies, chords, arrangements, and how to record and share songs.

As songs and songwriters develop, we hope that people will collaborate, and perhaps spin off some duos, trios and bands.

What day and time is best for you?