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One of our board members is Carolyn (Winnie) Wood, who taught drama for many years at the Wasatch Academy in Mt Pleasant. She has also been active in the art and theater community in SLC.

She will bring experience in filmmaking, too, and one course she is now developing is film acting. Acting for film, she says, is different from acting on stage, because of  the piece-by-piece way movies are shot and edited.

Another project she will be offering is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet for children. She has done this project many times with many international students, and even did it in China.

Other drama activities will fill out list of workshops, including dramatic readings and improv.  Down the road, we might develop a course for screenwriters, if folks are interested.

We at WMW have recognized  that video is a preferred medium for younger generations, who’d rather watch a clip than read an article. Therefore, we will offer workshops in video production. Whether you want to film yourself singing a song, or produce a video for publication on a social media platform, we can help you master the necessary skills. Video will be used to record rehearsals, to show performers what they look like. Video is also a platform for assembling a portfolio to be used to demonstrate performance skills.

Mastery of video and film will be valuable to musicians, public speakers, actors, poets, podcasters and  journalists.