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Board of directors

     One of our board members is Carolyn (Winnie) Wood, who taught drama for many years at the Wasatch Academy in Mt Pleasant. She has also been active in the art and theater community in SLC. She will bring experience in filmmaking, too.

     One founders are Matthew Sorenson and Deb Hohenthal.  Both poets and writers, they directed a productive poets’ workshop in SLC for many years before moving to Price.

     One of our directors is a guitar player and band leader  John Redfield teaches surgical technology at USUE in Price. He is also a videographer and a course designer. John wants to stimulate the musical and poetic arts in Price.

      Kaden and Laura Olson  returned to Price after years of wandering  and education. They started a production company that put on concerts around Eastern Utah. Kaden studied journalism and Laura did social sciences and arts, before settling in Price. Joining up with WMW, Laura and Kaden are doing podcasts and concerts. They are dedicated to downtown revitalization and boosting of performance arts.

      Zed Holloway is not what he seems to be. He is more. Previously a graphic and multimedia designer, he is now an entrepreneur and networker. He teaches at USUE, always inspiring others to rise above.