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Currently we are  fixing up the new building we have purchased on Main Street in Price, Utah. Here is a photo of the pews we are going to use for some of our seating.  We are also building two new bathrooms. When the electricians and plumbers are finished we will start planning events.

Meanwhile, keep writing, keep playing.

upcoming events


Be patient. Finding licensed contractors to do the plumbing and electrical work has been difficult because of the strange economy we are in. All of the craftsmen in Price are either obligated and backed up weeks or months, or else they are traveling out of town working up north where construction of homes and condos is booming business. We are on several waiting lists, but have no guaranteed dates for getting our work done.

100th birthday celebration for the Lewis Jewelry building

In the fall we will celebrate our building being 100 years old. Lewis Jewelry began in 1921 and it has been a century since then. In anticipation of the celebration we will collect interviews and stories for publication of a book of memories. The previous owner, Carol Moosman, has a lot of stories, and I keep encountering people in Carbon County who shopped here for jewelry, including engagement and wedding rings. We will write, publish and print a book containing these stories for distribution at the 100th birthday celebration, which will also be a grand opening party for WMW.