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Workshops for Musicians and Writers (WMW) is a nonprofit organization in Price, Utah, that provides a place where musicians and writers - young and old - can learn, practice, collaborate and perform.

    Writing and music can connect generations, bring the past into the future, unify traditionalists and rebels, and can draw people to our town. Working with other arts groups and educators, our non-profit center will hold workshops, provide practice space, and sponsor performances. We will keep up a year-round schedule of events, bring together teachers and students, and provide publication opportunities - in print, in public, and online. WMW coordinates with local schools and with Utah State University/East (USUE). Expertise and coaching comes from local artists and from regional writers and musicians.

We are free. Our programs cost nothing to participants.

Matthew Sorenson

and Deb Hohenthal

46 E Main St

Price, Utah

Deb 435.630.9031

Matthew 508.209.4281


We are seeking partners - either individuals or organizations. Various partners can provide various needs and services. In these early days, we mainly need to recruit volunteer teachers and willing students. Also needed is a board of advisors to guide our efforts and growth. If you, or your company, or your agency would like to help, please contact us.

     WMW is situated in an old jewelry store in Historic Downtown Price, with a big room for workshops and performances.